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Short term Emergency work

Short term emergency work

Here at Nexus we are trained to expect the unexpected and appreciate that security risks can raise their head at very short notice and are here to help. Working with our network of partners covering the UK we will endeavour to provide all of our core products and services to you on a temporary basis. For customers who are currently under contract with Nexus for one of our core products and require a short term addition to their portfolio we guarantee that we will be able to deliver it. For further information see our Customer Service Pledge.

How much does short term emergency work cost?

Invariably short term work is more expensive than permanent work that our network partners can forecast they are going to have month in month out.

How can I contract you for short term work?

Please contact us as soon as possible – normally the more notice that we get of a requirement for short time work, the cheaper the quote can be.

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Caffyns PLC joins Nexus

Caffyns PLC
Caffyns PLC

"We have recently renewed our contract with Nexus and have been very happy with the service that we have received. They have delivered what we agreed at the start of our contract and communicate professionally and effectively."

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