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Protect in Partnership

What do we mean by partnership?

Our definition can be defined as two businesses working together to achieve a common goal or objective. We passionately believe that this is best delivered by Nexus not competing against our partner, but supporting them in the growth of their business and delivering their outsourced services to the customer. Nexus are the only business in the sector that does not compete against its customer.

We are very proud of our long term relationships with our supply chain and partners. Working together as industry specialists delivers the results we strive for and the service all our customers deserve.

So what is a Network Partner?

Why do you need a Network Partner?

We service your site through a network of over 200 local businesses that operate the Nexus service levels on our behalf. All are accredited by us to become an approved Network Partner. We firmly believe that the only way to deliver your service is via a locally owned partner.

Why Deliver the Services Locally?

We believe that local companies are better equipped to deliver a quality service. They know your area and it’s individual risks. They have an ability to react to a security situation that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Where does Nexus fit in?

We are the glue that holds the system together. One contract, one point of contact, one easy, fluid system. We have the ability to provide your security, no matter how many sites you have, and no matter where they are in the country.

Caffyns PLC joins Nexus

Caffyns PLC
Caffyns PLC

"We have recently renewed our contract with Nexus and have been very happy with the service that we have received. They have delivered what we agreed at the start of our contract and communicate professionally and effectively."

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