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Taxi Protest in London

Taxi Protest in London September 2014

Taxi protest in central London tomorrow 

London taxi drivers are due to stage a slow-driving protest on the afternoon of Wednesday 24 September on a route around Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square.

The protest is due to start at 14:00 and is expected to finish before the evening rush hour. It is anticipated that several thousand vehicles could be involved causing significant disruption to traffic in the local area, including Whitehall, Westminster and Embankment both during the protest and as traffic clears for a time after it has concluded.

We are advising drivers to avoid roads in the area surrounding Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square on Wednesday afternoon.? ?We are working with the Metropolitan Police Service and other partners to manage the impact of the traffic congestion caused by the taxis as far as possible and to restore normal conditions as quickly as possible after the protest.

Bus routes in these areas are also likely to be affected, with journeys taking longer and some routes likely to be diverted or curtailed. Cyclists are advised to take extra care due to the large numbers of vehicles expected on the roads. London Underground is likely to be the best way to get around during the afternoon and walking shorter journeys might also be an option.?

Taxi Protest in London