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Locking and Unlocking Services

Locking and Unlocking Services

What is a Locking and Unlocking Service?

Unless you are a 24 hour operation, by definition at some point each day somebody must be first to arrive at your site and last to leave and are normally left with the job of unlocking the doors and taking the alarms off and then vice versa during the evening.

This is the most vulnerable time of the day for your employees as many will be alone and have access to all areas of your business. Our locking and unlocking service takes the stress and strain away from this person as our licensed mobile patrol officer will attend your site and perform these duties on your behalf.

During the evening we will arrive during a mutually agreed window of time and turn off any non-essential appliances such as photocopiers, lights and air-conditioning, as well as making sure that the Intruder Alarm is set and the Fire Alarm is functioning before locking the doors and departing. Your team members simply leave for home at their normal time and do not retain any responsibility for doing this. In the morning the patrol officer returns and opens up, switching on the appliances that were turned off the night before and ensuring that the building is ready for business that day. We can even escort your team to their cars each evening to make sure they exit the site securely.

By switching off appliances that are non-essential overnight you will reduce your carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly.

Do I need it?

Many companies contract this service in situations where staff are uncomfortable opening and closing the building or it does not comply with Lone Working policies in place.  Also to consider:

  • What happens when the person normally responsible for this is on holiday?
  • What happens if they are off sick?
  • What happens if they leave the business?

For a fluid and consistent service, let Nexus lock and unlock your premises.

How much will it cost?

Find out your industry fair price for locking and unlocking

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Caffyns PLC joins Nexus

Caffyns PLC
Caffyns PLC

"We have recently renewed our contract with Nexus and have been very happy with the service that we have received. They have delivered what we agreed at the start of our contract and communicate professionally and effectively."

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