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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I take a quote for your services?

Please call our 24/7 Customer Service Centre on 03332417722 and we will do the rest.

Am I under any obligation after you have quoted for my services?

Certainly not, once we have identified what service best fits your requirements.
The Nexus Fair Price Promise allows you flexibility to choose under no obligation

How do I know you will use a quality network partner to deliver my service?

Nexus only work with SIA ACS Approved Contractors. We work in partnership with over two hundred suppliers in the UK and Ireland to ensure you receive the right quality provider for your service.

Will my sites need to be visited prior to service commencement?

Yes, all sites do require us to visit to complete Health and Safety assessments as well as assignment instructions and emergency procedures. This is a pre arranged appointment to your premises at your convenience.

Who do I need to contact if I have any problems?

Nexus can be contacted 24/7 Customer Service Centre on 03332417722 where we will deal with your issue and escalate it to a Director if you require further information. Our trained staff are there to help you in an effective and professional manner for a timely resolution.

How effective is your online reporting system?

The Nexus Reporting system has been specifically designed by us for our services rather than an off the shelf management system. This enables us to provide accurate and timely reporting in detail, as well as historical data for analysis.

What assurances do I have they you will not poach my customers, if we are in partnership together?

Our unique business model is to be a support to the industry for all your outsourcing needs. You are not going to find that Nexus would be directly tendering against you in a local or national tender. We believe passionately that to truly work in partnership together we cannot act and work with you as a competitor. This is our integrity that makes us very proud to be different. please compare us to your current outsourcing partner.

Amthal joins Nexus

Amthal Fire and Security
Amthal Fire and Security

"Amthal have enjoyed partnering with Nexus for several years and have found them to be a trusted business partner that deliver a quality service. It was important for us to work with like-minded customer focused people who are not our competitors."

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