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Accompanied Visits

Accompanied Visits

What are accompanied visits?

Accompanied visits are a simple product designed to allow your staff or contractors access to your premises alongside an approved Nexus network partner officer.  Instances where this product is used include:

  • Allowing regular maintenance procedures to be carried out after the normal working day has ended
  • Ensuring that your team do not have to wait for an engineer to fix a broken item after their regular day has ended
  • Accepting deliveries from couriers and other firms out of hours
  • In the case of void properties that are for sale allowing an estate agent access with potential viewers accompanied by a member of the Nexus network team.

Do I need this product?

Contact Us for more details on how switching your entire maintenance and delivery schedules  to an out of hours accompanied visit pattern with Nexus could save your business thousands of pounds and make you more effective.

How much will it cost?

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Caffyns PLC joins Nexus

Caffyns PLC
Caffyns PLC

"We have recently renewed our contract with Nexus and have been very happy with the service that we have received. They have delivered what we agreed at the start of our contract and communicate professionally and effectively."

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