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About us

About us

An established National Security provider delivering service through quality local Network Partners

Welcome to Nexus National Security Network. The past five years have been filled with big acquisitions in the UK & Ireland patrol and response security market with global brand names purchasing businesses within the UK. This has left a void in the marketplace that Nexus National Security Network has filled. We do not operate any security personnel ourselves, instead outsourcing your requirements to fully vetted local quality companies who are best placed to deliver timely and quality services to suit your security needs.

This is a business model that has been tremendously successful in the UK before and our intention is to trans-form it with automated electronic and web driven reporting systems, service improvements and an honest approach to business.

We are supported by industry professionals and headed up by CEO Robert Fryer.

With 25 years' experience of the UK security market Nexus believe that Robert is ideally placed to lead the organisation in its endeavours to make mobile security simple. From national account management through to local businesses, Robert has experience in sales, operations and finance meaning whether you have 1 site or 10,000 sites, we are ideally placed to deliver you a quality service.

Robert comments

The key to any successful business is its relationship with its customers and at Nexus we have designed our business model to ensure a quality transparent service with effective communication at all levels.

The first steps were to ask existing and potential customers what they wanted from their security provider? What was it that gave them peace of mind and moreover what did they find frustrating or in their words failed to meet their expectations?

So what was the solution?

Customers are happy to pay a fair price for the services provided, but do not want to be consistently price increased, sometimes without even being notified.

At Nexus we will endeavor to give you the most competitive price without compromising the quality of our service. Furthermore, we will not increase the price during the duration of the contract

Customers require accurate and timely reporting, clear communication of incidents and an escalation process that allows access to decision makers in an emergency. They do not like surprises or half a story.

Our online reporting system leads the industry and allows you full and transparent information of a service or incident. We are very likely to have made you aware of an incident and dealt with it before you even knew that it had occurred. By calling our 0845 number you will have access to a Company Director to assist and take control of the situation within an hour 24/7.

Customers are frustrated by consistent poor service by a contracted security provider or in a particular geographical area. Generally there is little or no option to change provider until the contract renewal date.

At Nexus the solution is simple.....If you are not entirely happy with your provider we will change it.

Our commitment is to continue to listen to our customers as well as our Network partners. We will continue to refine and adapt our business model to deliver a world class service, exceed expectations and stay true to our core values.

CEO Robert Fryer

Caffyns PLC joins Nexus

Caffyns PLC
Caffyns PLC

"We have recently renewed our contract with Nexus and have been very happy with the service that we have received. They have delivered what we agreed at the start of our contract and communicate professionally and effectively."

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Guaranteed access to Company Director. Response within 24h.

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